Using Thyme Out is so Easy!


Use it like a toner on clean skin* to treat problem areas like the classic T-zone of forehead to chin. Simply saturate a cotton pad with Thyme Out and immediately apply it gently to skin, allowing Thyme Out to sink deep into your pores. Since it doesn’t dry like other acne products you can easily use it multiple times daily as an anti-bacterial preventive measure.

Targeted Treatment

When a pimple can be felt under the skin, even before it appears visibly, start repeated applications of Thyme Out to that area. Thyme Out can stop the inflammation under the skin and kill the acne bacteria and prevent a visible breakout. If you act too late and a pimple does appear, simply apply Thyme Out repeatedly to that area and watch the pimple shrink and disappear much quicker than with other treatments and with NO irritation, redness, or drying!

There simply is NO OTHER treatment, pharmaceutical or natural, that offers this combination of acne treatment and skin soothing as Thyme Out.

*We recommend a high quality Salicylic acid face cleanser
daily as part of your regimen