Psoriasis, Rosacea, Eczema, Dermatits, Skin Fungus

cutoutALL these skin issues are at their source either fungul, viral, or bacterial. Thankfully Thyme Out is a powerful anti-fungul, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial that fights the source of the issue. Additionally, Thyme Out is a heralded anti-inflammatory topically so it soothes and heals the actual symptoms as well.

Apply to affected skin areas repeatedly to reduce inflammation and stop the source problem.

Saturate a cotton pad or use the Thyme To-Go applicator to apply and moisten the skin area well. Allow to air dry.

Since Thyme Out is so mild and actually soothes the skin, you can apply it many times a day to first get your symptoms under control.

Then, use it as a preventative on an occasional basis 2-3 times weekly to prevent future breakouts