The Science of Acne

“significantly more effective than the highest prescribed concentration of benzoyl peroxide”
Scientific American 

“proved highly effective at soothing the skin and killing the Propionibacterium acne.”
Natural News 

“Thyme is the Best Healer for acne”
Fox News 

“The next New Acne Treatment”

Acne is caused by a bacterium called Propionibacterium Acnes which infects the skin pore and then results in the skin reacting to that infection in the form of a pimple. Currently, the most common treatments for acne are antibiotics or a topical cream or wash containing the chemical benzoyl peroxide. These treatments are often associated with side-effects, for example benzoyl peroxide often causes a burning sensation on the skin and irritation. A recent study done at the University of Leeds in the UK showed amazing results of a Thyme tincture when compared to Benzoyl Peroxide. Thyme proved significantly more powerful at killing Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria that causes acne, than ANY other acne medication. (seen on WebMD*, Scientific American*, Fox News*, and dozens of other news sites) This means that not only is Thyme Out the best Natural Treatment for Acne but also the Best Treatment for Acne!

Further, unlike the many side effects from Benzoyl Peroxide including irritated skin leading to redness, dry skin, and bleaching of clothing, Thyme has NONE of these issues. In fact, since Thyme has strong anti-inflammation properties, the product can soothe the skin naturally. Thyme has a rich history, dating back to ancient Rome, of being considered beneficial for skin tone and having both anti-bacterial and anti-fungul properties. Today that tradition is being proven with studies verifying these benefits.

Thyme Out is cold steeped for weeks with organic Thyme to draw out all the amazing properties of this incredible herb. We then add pure Aloe Vera to add even more skin soothing to this one of a kind product.

The result? A pure, all natural acne treatment that quickly treats breakouts, acts as a defense barrier against future breakouts, and one that soothes and firms skin without drying and without any irritation. Used in conjunction with a quality salicylic acid wash or other deep cleansing wash, you will never need another acne treatment.

So throw away your irritating, drying acne creams…..cancel your reorders of expensive treatments like Pro-Active* which is notorious for drying skin……your all purpose acne treatment is here!!

Deodorant: That’s right…the same anti-bacterial properties of Thyme Out also fight the bacteria that causes underarm odor. Use it as a natural base to the skin before applying a fragrance coverup and you’ll see a significant increase in the time that odor is held back. (irritation may occur if applied to recently shaved underarms)

Anti-fungul: Once again, the amazing anti-fungul properties of Thyme Out allow you to apply it to fungul breakouts on feet, etc. You’ll see better results than with store bought fungul treatments as the thyme instantly begins to kill fungus on contact.
*WebMD, Scientific American, Fox News, and Pro-Active are all registered trademarks owned respectively and not affiliated with Thyme Out.